Humor and stories for interpreters: Interpreters (and translators) in other languages.

David Bar-Tzur

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Indian chief tells soldier (through an interpreter) that _his_ horse is ugly.Chief says (through an interpreter),'Someone here walk through buffalo field.'

Note: If a flag is followed by this icon: Sign Language icon, there is an animated text in that country's sign language.

stained glass bulletcremedelalecram. (2006, January 27). A Blind's Date. A woman with a penchant for the impaired is suprised to learn that her (literally) blind date is bringing along his "visual interpreter." And he's a creep.

stained glass bulletkickered. (2006, November 2006). Deaf interpreter.Dutch flagSign Language icon Funny commercial from Holland. [Webmaster: At the end of the commercial, the slogan reads, "People that work hard, deserve Trek!".]

stained glass bulletReichwein, M. J. (2006). Crouching Interpreter, Hidden Agenda.Japanese flag,American & British flags(video camera: This links to a video) A Japanese major introduces two friends of his to each other, but has to interpret for them since the girl doesn't speak English. But this interpreter has a hidden agenda...

stained glass bullet(2007). UK Candid Camera Classics - The Interpreter. The Candid crew hire an interpreter who is informed that there is a slight miscommunication between a couple. He soon finds out that this information is severly underated.

A sign in English and Welsh as described in the story below.

Illuminated letter A council put up a Welsh language road sign reading "I am out of the office at the moment" when it should have said "No entry for heavy goods vehicles". Swansea council contacted its in-house translation service when designing the bilingual sign.

The seeds of confusion were sown when officials received an automated email response in Welsh from an absent translator, saying: "I am not in the office at the moment. Please send any work to be translated." Unaware of its real meaning, officials had it printed on the sign. The council took down the sign after Welsh speakers spotted the mistake.

stained glass bulletThe Daily Show - Jason Jones & the Gay Translator - Video. Jason Jones examines the dangers of allowing "the gays" in the military. Specifically working in the crypto-linguist division. "I know I'd rather die in a terrorist attack than suffer through an uncomfortable shower with a gay... know what I'm saying?" Ha! From the September 18th 2006 episode.

stained glass bulletHavaiana commercial with interpreter.Brazilian flagSign Language icon

stained glass bulleta musical interlude: "De clunibus magnis amandis oratio", Mixaloti equitis ("I like big butts", Sir Mix-A-Lot). "As recently requested by mishak, and in honor of his impending natal day, I have translated into rough Latin an extensive fragment of a much longer popular song. While providing a literal interlinear translation back into English for the benefit of Latin-less readers, I have, regrettably, made no attempt at rhyme or meter; alert readers will also notice that by avoiding translating the entire song, I have not only allowed myself more time for other work, but I have also neatly skipped several lines in the second half which are not easily susceptible to translation."

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